We offer exclusive, private access to our top-of-the-line hottub. Our hydo-massage spa features powerful massaging jets at a customizable temperature.

This fantastic, private experience is great for individuals and couples. You can even watch a movie or your favorite streaming show while you relax to the hydro-massage jets on your neck,back, glutes, legs and feet.

We use fresh water for each use. This requires a lot of work to drain, clean and refill. For these reason, the minimum rental for the Hydro-Massage Spa is 60 minutes.

Our high quality drain pump combined with a tankless water heater system (unlimited hot water) allows us to have it available for multiple uses per day. 


How does over 20 massage jets on one body sound? What about 103 degrees of clean water wrapped around you from feet to neck as you lie relaxed in reclined position?