It is impossible to articulate how fabulous this massage experience feels. You will see numberous 5 star reviews embedded below. You will hear from friends who have done it and they will "geek out" over how ridiculously effective the massage is.

Yet nothing matters but how you feel during and after your massage. So let's make a simple agreement... I guarantee you will love it, or it's free. That's it. No catch. No gimmicks. No fine print. Love it. Or it's free.

If you are curious how we can be successful with that approach, I can tell you that in Las Vegas I have had 3 unsatisfied out of 7,220 in our first 18 months of operations. #facts. You have everything to gain...simply nothing to lose.

Zero Gravity Massage Room 1

So what is it?

It's a machine that lays you fully on your back (or partially reclined if u choose) while you receive therapy from a combination of airbags, 4 "hands" along with separate left and right foot rollers.

The airbags are everywhere you would want them and they squeeze at the pressure level you desire. Moderate to very strong.

The 4 hands that massage your neck, shoulders, back and butt are simply the best. They do what the human hands cannot. And they do it without getting tired while ONLY working where you choose.

Many people's favorite part of the massage is the feet. The combination of airbags squeezing your feet onto the rollers that YOU fully control is worth the price of admission, alone.

Did we mention the butt massage and the low back heat?

Our Response to Corona

We were happy and successful serving people in our open lobby concept of chairs all side by side. It works, wonderfully. It allows for a lower price and the highest level of direct customer service by our staff. But than COVID-19 happened.

As I drove back from Las Vegas to Indianapolis (where I started this concept originally) to be with family during the pandemic, I reflected on the clients throughout the year and one in particular the week before that asked specifically for a private room concept. I had fought that concept until now because I am not able to have a support person in the room to guarantee your satisfaction.

After speaking to some of my regular clients over the phone, they made clear to me that they would accept a short learning curve to setup their custom massage experience using the chair remote in order to have less human contact. And in fact, they actually preferred that because it gave them the one thing the original concept missed: privacy.

Now we have combined the best massage chair in the world with the privacy and solitude of the traditional massage experience. We setup voice commands for lighting, music and even TV control to allow people to enjoy their experience any way they choose!

Zero Gravity Massage Room 2

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Zero Gravity Massage Review

Zero Gravity Massage Review

Zero Gravity Massage Review

Zero Gravity Massage Review

Zero Gravity Massage Review

Zero Gravity Couples Massage

How do I book a massage at Massage Fishers?

Book easily by text 317-721-9321 or book online.

Where is Massage Fishers located?

We are located in Downtown Fishers behind the Speedway at 116th and Lantern Rd. From our cute little stand-alone building we can see the plaza with starbucks and Hampton Inn. 8865 South St.

What are the hours at Massage Fishers?

We try to be open most days. Our online schedular shows openings that can be easily reserved by you. If you prefer an hour not shown open for "Zero Gravity" than text us at 317-721-9321 and lets us see what we can arrange.

So it's "just" a chair?

No! It's trained staff that programs the chair and is always nearby to adjust the massage to your desired areas of focus and strength. We use padding under feet and back to reduce intensity to a comfortable pressure.

The last chair I was in hurt.

What sets Massage Fishers and the Vegas Massage Chair apart from a typical massage chair is that we personalize the experience to your height, length and preferences. We conservatively use padding to guarantee a smooth experience. We also monitor throughout your experience to ensure you remain safe and comfortable. We even have a built-in call button to notify us instantly of your requests.

What does the Vegas Massage Chair do better than a person? 

The Vegas Massage Chair never gets tired. The massage pressure and depth will be the same at minute 1 as it is at minute 59. If you are the 1st massage of the day or the last, you can always count on consistent quality.

It will not smell like smoke or perfume/cologne. It will not ever be bothered when you ask it to do specific areas or make many adjustments to the massage routine. And you can count on every following session being identical in quality and consistency to the last (unless you choose to adjust it). 

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Watch this animated video giving you an inside look of the Zero Gravity Vegas Massage Chair.

Family Friendly

Family Massage Indianapolis

Own The Vegas Massage Chair

We can have our one of a kind Zero Gravity Vegas Massage Chair delivered to you with proper training and a 5 year warranty. At $5999 it is considerably less than any comparative quality massage chair. There are hundreds of zero gravity massage chairs. The ones that get CLOSE to our quality are $7999 to $12000. And those do 30min, 20min and 15min but NOT 60minutes (and they certainly dont offer a 5 year replacement guarantee). Questions about buying this 1 of a kind machine can be directed via call or text to 702-900-0275.

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