Massage Fishers offers the highest quality of massage utilizing state-of-the-art Massage Chairs. These are NOT your local mall or pedicure massage chairs.

This massage experience will rival the best massage therapist and eclipse an average massage therapist. The reason for this is CONSISTENCY. Each visit and each moment within each visit will be 100% consistent in depth of pressure. Hands get tired and overworked; these machines do not.

The neck to feet full body massage is completely customizable giving you control over where and how much each area is worked. 64 air bags and a 50inch pathway of "hands" that knead you while ensuring that all the right spots are addressed.

And when the muscles are aching and some heat or stretching is necessary, these chairs have those covered as well. The low back heater is ridiculously great. And don't be surprised when this machine does some of the finest stretching you can experience. 

It is like having 4 people work on you at once. You have got to try this chair.


In a rush? You can get about an hours worth of traditional massage work in just 15 minutes. Got 30 minutes? Some will say that is equal to 2 hours of hands on bodywork.