Working with, we have developed multiple ways to help raise funds for great causes. We can do individual events at the spa that raise money per ticket sold or we can offer Gift Cards to your organization that pay out a larger percentage with each sell. 

Our on site Spa Party Fundraisers in Fishers are a great, in-person group experience. Those who attend pay $24 to enjoy food from our sponsors and fun in the group setting. For just $39.98 more, attendees can receive a Swedish Massage from one of our great staff. $10 of each $24 ticket sold goes to the cause immediately at close of the event.

The Gift Card Sells program has a higher payout and can be done over a prolonged period of time. Retail price for hour massage is $79.99. Your organization can sell them for $50 and we charge your organization only $30. That leaves an immediate profit of $20 per sell to your organization. 

Simply visit the signup link at the top of this article. Let us know the cause, name and contact info of the organizer. We will provide a special page dedicated to your cause with traceable purchases so we can pay out accordingly. A custom gift card is designed much like the one below and will be emailed to each purchaser to further promote the cause.

Make A Wish Gift Card