Our one hour massage, aka 50 minutes of bliss, is designed to pamper, restore, and improve your well-being. Our massages are performed on heated tables in private rooms allowing us to to create the custom experience you deserve. Massage can be as much about mental restoration as physical. 50 minutes is an ideal time for effective treatment and relaxation.

Why do we do 50 minutes instead of 60 minutes? The reality of the 60 minute massage is that it would take 70 minutes. Just as our 50 minute massage takes 60 minutes. The time of dressing, undressing, restrooms and payments will certainly add 10 minutes to your experience. Even if you were ok with 70 minutes total, imagine how we would have to build a scheduling system factoring in start times at the 10, 20, 40 and 50 minute marks of the hour. It would be a fiasco. Furthermore, simple math says we would lose one full massage opening every 6 hours which hurts the therapist and the client who would otherwise be denied an opening. 

Busy people love our system of instant, quick online booking with prompt starts and little waiting around time. We dont rush the massage. We simply dont waste your time. 

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