Snow Back Pain

Indianapolis and much of the midwest has just experienced a "Polar Vortex" that pummeled us with 12 inches of snow and temperatures as cold as -15 degrees with windchill as low as -50 degrees. While Massage Fishers can't help with much in this respect, we can do some things. 

Firstly, we offered our heated tables and the spa itself to anyone who lost power during the weather as a safehaven if needed. We were not open as a spa the 2 key days of the storm but we made sure the spa was physically available to anyone, not just our clients.

Secondly, we are removing the costs of deep tissue upgrades for those with snow removal related back pains. Heated tables will thaw you out while our deep tissue specialists work towards increased blood circulation and kneading your muscles back into a healthy place. 

Please call us at 317-721-9321 or schedule your massage online.