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Massage Fishers continues to be the #1 place for Valentines Massages in Indianapolis & Fishers. We do more couples massage than any spa in Indiana. All local staff to serve you.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: FRI, SAT & SUN 14, 15, 16 have special rates and are blacked out from any prepaid deals, discounts or vouchers. Valid all other days of year!  Valentines Pricing for 14-17th are below.

We recommend TEXT to Book Reservations to best serve you. Of course calls accepted too. 317-721-9321

For 2020 our famous couples massage valentines package includes:

  • Teddy Bear (because Teddy Bears are awesome)
    Teddy Bear Valentines
  • Box Chocolate (because who doesn't want chocolate on Valentines!)
    wintman samplers las vegas
  • Champagne (because life is better with a little bubbly now and again)
    Champagne Massage Las Vegas
  1. Couples Private Room Table Massages

    couples massage indianapolis2

    • Half Hour $100
    • 1 Hour $150
    • Hour and Half $200 (subject to availability)
    • Two Therapists. Two Tables. Same Private Room
  2. Couples Zero Gravity Chair Massages

    couples massage blue

    • 30 minutes $60
    • 60 minutes $89
      Uses the 5 Star rated Zero Gravity Vegas Massage Chairs Side By Side in an Open Room.
      Feels like 4 therapists at once. No, this isn't a mall or airport massage chair.
      Both Feet, Neck to Butt, Hips, Arms and Calves. It's Heated and Amazing Quality.
      Read More About It here.
  3. Couples Hybrid Massage Experience (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

    • 50 minutes $125
      One of our best therapists + One Zero Gravity Massage Chair
      Half the time on the table + Half the Time in the Massage Chair
      Best of BOTH worlds. #HighlyRecommended
    • Private Room. 
    • Both people get hands on massage and Zero Gravity Massage side by side private room the whole time.
Deposits Required of $30 (unless u prepaid already). Deposits paid at


COUPLES Massage Therapy

We are the leader in Couples Massage in Indianapolis. We have 3 couples massage rooms available 7 days a week. We have the best team of Massage Therapists in Indianapolis.

We have the best price for couples massage anywhere starting at $70.

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Call or text to book at 317-721-9321

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