Couples Special Rates

We discount our couples rate everyday, always. We do more couples than anyone because we have 5 couples therapy rooms along with the best rates. Because our couples rate is always discounted, the "1st time rates" do not apply to couples massages, but "return rates" will be applied.

  • $80 for 25 hands-on minutes of Swedish Massage
  • $130 for 50 hands-on minutes of Swedish Massage
  • $190 for 80 hands-on minutes of Swedish Massage
  • $240 for 110 hands-on minutes of Swedish Massage

First Time Rate $49.99

First time rate for individuals is $49.99 for 50 hands-on minutes. And while this is a a great rate, make no mistake, this isn't a "cheap massage". It is a "cheap price" for a top tier massage.

Ridiculous Return Rates

How annoying is it to get a great first time rate somewhere only to realize you can't return because of the dramatic increase in regular rates? Our ridiculous return rates is the solution to keeping your average massage price very affordable.

Return 1 to 7 days and pay only $49.99 for an hour massage.

  • $49.99 for 50 minutes hands-on Swedish Massage (reg $75)
  • $84.99 for 80 minutes hands-on Swedish Massage (reg $110)
  • $109.99 for 110 minutes hands on Swedish Massage (reg $150)

We now offer a massage membership option that makes every visit here just $49.99!