Wanna receive a free massage? Our friends Christian and Katalina, creators and performers of the "Mind Tripping Show", have arranged for you to receive a Free Massage Chair experience and/or a discounted Couples Massage ($120) for attending their downtown Indianapolis show.

Massage Fishers has been a proud supporter of The Mind Tripping Show since 2012. There are not two kinder people to be associated with than Christian & Katalina. I have been to their Vegas style show 4 or 5 times. I am no closer to figuring out how they do what they do than I was after the first showing. It truly is a mesmerizing, "mind-tripping" experience. Be forewarned: He knows if you are lying and she knows what's in your pockets!

Picture of Christian and KatalinaThe show is performed at the beautiful Hilton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites located at 120 W. Market Street in the heart of Indianapolis. They limit their audience size to around 40 people. While they absolutely involve the audience in this intimate, seemingly personalized show, I have noticed they have a way of respecting people who truly would be uncomfortable participating. And they just as well know how to find the people who will have a blast participating at the highest level.

Christian and Katalina, Indy residents, have performed for people all over the world in some very large venues. The Indianapolis entertainment scene was given a huge boost when they decided to reduce their travels and create The Mind Tripping Show as a weekly, Friday & Saturday night, permanent event here in Indianapolis.

Learn more at www.MindTrippingShow.com.


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