It feels good to be back! We missed y'all so much! We have worked so hard during this break to remodel our facility and improve it in 1000 ways.

The clearest message we received from our clients during this break is that they wish they could enjoy massage without the risk of person to person contact. With that in mind, we now offer Private Room Zero Gravity Couples Massage in our famous Vegas Massage Chairs.

Each room now is voice activated for controlled music and lighting. 

For those who prefer a person, we still have therapists and their availability is below as well.

Click the box of the start time of the resource you choose to book from the available times below. Use the "next Day" link to scroll to each forthcoming day.

Each Zero Gravity Private Room includes 2 massage chairs for 2 people at once. If you are coming alone, simply choose "Solo" to reduce the price. Read more about our Private Zero Gravity Massage Experience.