Are you ready for a new career? If you have dynamic people skills and a strong work ethic, Massage Fishers may be interested in you for a FULL-TIME or Part-Time Therapeutic Touch Practitioner position.

Are you a LMT? We always need good LMT help as well. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Therapeutic Touch is a modality of bodywork that positively impacts the physical and mental needs of a client using energy. Unlike Chiropractic that deals with structural issues or Massage Therapy that deals with deep muscle issues, a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner will focus on overall relaxation, stress reduction and wellness using healing energy, soothing touch and observation.

Unlike Massage Therapy, Therapeutic Touch does not require a license to perform. Effective July 2017, Indiana will, for the first time, have a Massage License available. An exception to needing a Massage License for Therapeutic Touch Practitioners is expressly written into House Bill 1289.

If you excel working one-on-one with people, this may be the ideal career path for you. If you wanted to further pursue Massage Therapy we have a program to help pay for your evening or weekend schooling.

Earning expectations for this role will be from $400 minimum up to $1000 on our weekly, full-time pay plan.

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